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    Arwen Vaughan

    How about: Allow sharing of Google documents. PlantUML is a whiteboard metaphor Allow saving to Google docs with a name for later use.

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    Arwen Vaughan

    As far as I can tell, I can’t save my document onto Google Drive (only import/export work from the local computer). The “save” button seems to save to my Google account, but I don’t have a clue where. Save seems to only hold one file (there’s no dialog to ask me the name, so I can’t save more than one file).

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    Arwen Vaughan

    Regarding Google Drive you are correct. I have not added any functionality to read/write to Google Drive. I am not sure this is the best direction for PlantText. The “Save” button does in fact save the content of the editor and your other preference settings to the Google datastore…not google docs.

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    Johannes Brodwall

    This sounds like a fantastic feature. If two people could share the same planttext diagram, it would make it into a Real Tool ™.

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    Arwen Vaughan

    I have done the development but am having a hard time finding the time to deploy a new version of PlantText, which supports multi-document saving. Instead of saving documents to my server or Google Drive, I coded it to save any number of documents to your computer browser local storage. I think this approach works pretty well. Anyway, look for that in a release some time in the next month. I said that I would get it out last year, but promise to do it in the next month or so for sure.

    Also, I would like to make diagrams shareable, but don’t have to time to do that honestly.

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