Version 23 (?):

  • Artificial Intelligence integration. We are playing around with a number of workflows.
  • – Convert PlantUML text in the editor to other formats
  • – Convert class diagram from the editor to code stubs in any other language
  • – Generate PlantUML from questions to the AI and have them inserted into the editor.
  • ?

Version 22 (?):

  • Save Documents – Looking into using Amazon S3 as a way to allow users to save their documents to the server and perhaps even have access to all versions of the data through time.

Version 21 (May 12, 2023):

  • Increase the editor and image area on the screen so users do not need to scroll to use PlantText.
  • Moved Diagram Theme drop-down list in to the settings dialog. It is just a better place for it.
  • Moved Samples drop-down list into its own new dialog with a button on the main toolbar.
  • The Samples drop-down also has a category list and an item list. You can also view the samples without writing over your main editor diagram. Choose to copy the sample to the editor with a button press.
  • New vertically oriented toolbar on the right side of the screen. It is out of the way, provides more space for editor / image, and can be undocked to any location the user wants.
  • Auto Refresh is now a checkbox option at the bottom left of the editor window. This will refresh and save your diagram any time that it has been edited or changed…well within a few seconds at least.
  • Auto Scale Image is now a checkbox option at the bottom left of the editor window. This will keep large diagram images from going off the screen causing a scroll bar to appear. The image is scaled down to fit either vertically or horizontally…or both actually.

Version 20 (April 6, 2023):

  • Auto-completion – Live and manual auto completion of words already in the editor. Just press tab to complete.
  • Syntax Highlighting – Automatically switch language based on the @startuml, @startjson, @startyaml tags
  • Snippets – PlantUML specific snippets for all diagram types. Add over time.
  • Diagram Theme List – Select a theme and it automatically adds it to the top of the current diagram (
  • Diagram Samples – Add a number of YAML and JSON diagram samples
  • Diagram Pop-out Window – Send the generated diagram image into a separate browser window / monitor.
  • Warning message added on file deletion. No more “Oooops”.
  • Alphabetize the dialog names in the Open Files list.
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