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    It would be beneficial for first-starters like me to have some kind of syntax highlighting in the editor for the PlantUML Language.


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    Arwen Vaughan

    I think that is a very good suggestion. I have received that request a bunch of times now and agree it would be great.I will put that high on the priority list. The Ace editor can do it but I need to find the syntax and grammer for plantuml. Perhaps, this is a start…

    I am very will willing to work with someone else to figure it out and implement it together. If someone can just tell me how to do it, then I will too.

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    Arwen Vaughan

    This sounds interesting. Can you explain more specifically what you have done? Ideally there would be an Ace Editor syntax highlighter that I could drop in. I will do a little research to see if this exists now in a newer version. If so I can upgrade with it.

    Also, I think I found the VIM plugin you are referring to…

    This looks nice. I am going to play with in when I have a minute. Thanks!

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    I did it (to an extent) when I was playing around with Atom editor, although I never finished the work. If you’re interested, I can leave the files somewhere so you can finish the work.

    About the syntax and grammar, there is a vim syntax plugin for plamntuml to assist you.

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    Nica Mlg

    About this, another PlantUML based online diagrammer has an ACE instance with syntax highlighting:

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