PlantText Releases Version 18

PlantText Releases Version 18

PlantText is kicking off 2022 with a bevy of enhancements: Version 18 includes syntax highlighting, advanced editor settings, emailing diagrams, linking to diagrams, and more. This is going to be a big year for PlantText. I have more time set aside to add functionality and write blog posts. It’s gonna be fun.    But let’s talk […]

PlantText Updates

Check out the latest PlantText updates

We’ve made a few changes here at PlantText we thought you might like to know about. Here are the latest PlantText updates: What’s new We streamlined the look and feel of the website and got rid of the homepage, so that now when you come to, you go straight to the editor. We are […]

New version available and future plans

It has been a while since I have done a post for PlantText, but I am trying to make up for it now. I have been very busy the last week or so working on the small feature changes that people have recommended on the Feedback page, as well as a few other small enhancements […]