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      Long UML sequence diagrams (by scripts longer than 127 lines) seems to be not displayed completely on page. Please Add a scroll bar to support extra long diagrams as well .

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      Arwen Vaughan

      I can not reproduce this. My largest diagram still gives me a scroll bar on the side so I can see the entire image. What type of computer, operating system, and browser are you using? Are you on a tablet? I’ll think about it if I can figure out how to reproduce it.

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      Sandeep Jain

      below diagram does not display the right most areas in png , though it works for svg


      title Relationships – Class Diagram

      none “1” <|-down- “1” advertisements
      none “1” <|-up- “1” configurations
      none “1” <|-down- “1” contents
      none “1” <|-down- “1” currencies
      none “1” <|-right- “1” homesections
      none “1” <|-right- “1” smstemplates
      none “1” <|-right- “1” emailsettings
      none “1” <|-left- “1” emailtemplates
      none “1” <|-left- “1” cities
      none “1” <|-left- “1” degrees
      none “1” <|-up- “1” passages
      none “1” <|-up- “1” seos
      none “1” <|-up- “1” passing_years
      none “1” <|-down- “1” slides
      none “1” <|-down- “1” news
      none “1” <|-down- “1” mails
      none “1” <|-up- “1” smssettings
      none “1” <|-up- “1” testimonials
      none “1” <|-up- “1” colleges
      none “1” <|-up- “1” helpcontents
      none “1” <|-down- “1” branches
      none “1” <|-down- “1” payment_settings

      exam_preps2 “M” <|-up- “M” subjects2
      exam_maxquestions2 “M” <|-up- “M” subjects2

      exam_maxquestions2 “M” <|-up- “M” exams3

      questions “M” <|-up- “M” subjects
      questions “M” <|-up- “M” qtypes
      questions “M” <|-up- “M” topics
      stopics “M” <|-up- “M” topics
      subjects “M” <|-up- “M” topics
      questions “M” <|-up- “M” stopics
      questions “M” <|-up- “M” questions_langs
      languages “M” <|-up- “M” questions_langs
      questions “M” <|-up- “M” diffs
      questions “M” <|-up- “M” question_groups
      groups “M” <|-up- “M” subject_groups
      subjects “M” <|-up- “M” subject_groups
      groups “M” <|-up- “M” question_groups

      packages “1” <|-up- “M” packages_payments
      packages “1” <|-up- “M” exam_packages
      payments “1” <|-up- “M” packages_payments
      payments “1” <|-up- “M” exam_orders
      exams2 “1” <|-up- “M” exam_orders
      students2 “1” <|-up- “M” exam_orders
      students2 “1” <|-up- “M” payments
      exams2 “1” <|-up- “M” exam_packages

      payments2 “1” <|-up- “M” question_groups

      pages “1” <|-up- “M” page_rights
      ugroups “1” <|-up- “M” page_rights
      ugroups “1” <|-up- “M” users
      user_groups “1” <|-up- “M” users
      user_groups “1” <|-up- “M” groups3

      students3 “1” <|-up- “M” student_groups
      groups2 “1” <|-up- “M” student_groups
      students3 “1” <|-up- “M” wallets
      coupon_students “1” <|-up- “M” students3
      coupon_students “1” <|-up- “M” coupons

      exam_results “1” <|-up- “M” exam_warns
      exam_results “M” <|-up- “M” students
      exam_stats “M” <|-up- “M” students
      exam_results “M” <|-up- “M” exams
      exam_groups “M” <|-left- “M” exams
      exam_maxquestions “M” <|-down- “M” exams
      exam_groups “M” <|-up- “M” groups4
      exam_stats “M” <|-up- “M” exams
      exam_preps “M” <|-right- “M” exams
      exam_stats “M” <|-up- “M” questions2
      exam_results “M” <|-down- “M” exam_stats
      exam_results “M” <|-down- “M” exam_feedbacks
      exam_questions “M” <|-up- “M” exams
      exam_questions “M” <|-down- “M” questions2

      class advertisements
      class configurations
      class contents
      class coupons
      class coupons_students
      class currencies
      class diffs
      class emailsettings
      class emailtemplates
      class exams
      class exams_packages
      class exam_feedbacks
      class exam_groups
      class exam_maxquestions
      class exam_orders
      class exam_preps
      class exam_questions
      class exam_results
      class exam_stats
      class exam_warns
      class groups
      class helpcontents
      class homesections
      class languages
      class mails
      class news
      class packages
      class packages_payments
      class pages
      class page_rights
      class passages
      class payments
      class payment_settings
      class qtypes
      class questions
      class questions_langs
      class question_groups
      class seos
      class slides
      class smssettings
      class smstemplates
      class stopics
      class students
      class student_groups
      class subjects
      class subject_groups
      class testimonials
      class topics
      class ugroups
      class users


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