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      Just discovering your nice product (I was searching a tutorial about )
      • In the About section the PlantUML_Language_Reference_Guide.pdf is not visible enough.
      • Same for the PlantUML, NPlant links … i guess underscore will be clear enough.
      • Umbrello can import diagrams and generate many codes (Java, C–, Tcl,…)
      • You should add your site into
      Your future code generator will be great considering what you already created.
      Have a nice day,
      Francis from Brussels.

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      Arwen Vaughan

      Thank you Francis. This is great feedback. I completely missed the HTML links. I will fix that very soon. Also, I will add the site to Funny thing is I use that site periodically but did not think to add it there before now. And yes, we will continue trying to add functionality to convert from code to plantuml and vice versa. Thanks again!

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