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      per isakson

      The new user interface is ok. To be honest I don’t see much difference, which actually is a good thing. Maybe, I forgotten some details of the old one.

      The Save and Load buttons seems to be greyed out and the Refresh button is constantly blue. I assume that the buttons shall change background color in response to the cursor hovering over the button. That happens with About, Blog, and Forum, but not with Log out. It also happens with the black buttons above this edit box (b,i, etc). However, the Listbox and the buttons to the right of it (above the PlantUML code window) do not respond to the cursor hovering over them.

      I’ve experimented with the Save and Load buttons, i.e. selected a sample diagram, clicked Save, selected another sample, clicked Load. I assumed that the first sample should appear, but that didn’t happen.

      On the other hand, the current diagram is automatically Saved when I close the PlantText website and Loaded when I return to the site.

      I’m on Windows 7 and Firefox 49.02. And yes, I’m logged in with my Google account. (The Log out button is displayed.)

      Most importantly, I created a number of diagrams without any problems.


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      Arwen Vaughan

      Thank you for the feedback Per. Yes, the interface is mostly changed cosmetically, not with a lot of new features. But, the entire website was ported to a completely different technology stack, so it was very new under the hood.

      Regarding the save and load button, I am not sure why they are not enabled and working correctly if you are logged in with a valid Google account. I need to make sure that it works even if you did not activate your Google+ account. I’ll test it out and fix it if there is a problem there. Please let me know if there is an error message, or any way to reproduce it.

      The Save and Load buttons should work by storing your diagram (and settings) on the remote server, so you can load it from another computer. The Refresh button, on the other hand, always stores your diagram in the “local storage” on the one computer you are using at that moment. The next time you go to the website it automatically loads the diagram from the browsers local storage. So this is fine if you are always using the same computer and browser. But, you can use the Save and Load buttons to retrieve your diagram from a different computer or browser.

      Thanks again for the feedback!

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