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      I worked with planttext using my Google Account to login now for one week.
      I saved several documents.
      When today I wanted to continue with my work all saved documents were gone.
      So I only see an empty list, when clicking on File Manager > Open.

      I can save new documents, but the old won’t come back.

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      Arwen Vaughan

      Did you work on a different browser or computer? The documents are now saved in your specific browser’s local storage. If you are on a different computer or browser you will not see them because they are not saved on the planttext server. Just go back to the exact same computer and browser that you were using to create them and they should be there. The only thing that would cause the documents to get deleted is that the cache and local storage were cleared in the browser. Please let me know if you find them!!

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      Thanks for your reply.

      It was the same computer and the same browser.
      But one day I was in my companies network and the other day i worked from home office and connected via VPN. Now I am back in my company’s office and still have only the test file that I stored in my home office session. All other documents unfortunately still are lost.

      Is it related to browser cache? Maybe browser cache was deleted – cannot remember.

      Anyway: After my work seemed to be lost I comfigured plantuml correctly to run on my local computer. So I try to keep work locally.

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