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      Johannes Brodwall

      I often find myself wanting to share a link to a document in PlantText with a colleague. This is both to share the actual diagram, but more importantly, TO INTRODUCE NEW PEOPLE TO PLANTTEXT. 😀

      For this purpose, a link that embeds the text of the diagram (gzipped + Base64 encoded?) would be sufficient (yes, this means that my colleague would not see updates).

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      Arwen Vaughan

      Everything you mention is already possible…

      Look below the diagram and you will see a number of links PNG, SVG, TXT, and Edit. You can share the diagram by right clicking and copying the link. In all the links you will find that the diagram text itself is included in the URL as base64 encoded text. You can that the diagram in the first three links or share the link to Planttext directly opening your diagram. Let me know if I am missing something and you are trying to do something else. Cheers.

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